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Hello! My name is Julie, I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Clinician here at Born to Bend and I look forward to working together. 


Our inner world is the most precious thing we have. I meet you where you are, with unconditional presence and support. We exist, always, in relationship to others and it’s through our therapeutic relationship that we’ll work to create the change you’re desiring.


Our space together is built collaboratively through a warm, nonjudgmental atmosphere that honors the strength found in your vulnerability and the time it takes to unfold. I like to utilize a wide range therapeutic techniques & models that strengthen mind body connection and is backed by evidence. Your time in session is customized to best support you in working through distress, gaining awareness and building resiliency and confidence. 


Some topics I work with include: anxiety, stress, relationship challenges, grief and loss, life-transitions, addiction, depression, self-esteem. I welcome people of all backgrounds, gender identities and orientations. I often work with adults and adolescents.


I view therapy as a precious and sacred experience and I am honored to work with my clients. In my free time I enjoy seeing live music, being in nature, making art and spending quality time with my partner and animals.

I look forward to working with you! To schedule please give us a call at (828) 407-0355 or email at




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